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Re: Which Atlantian Knights are the 7 Dwarves?!?

Poster: Jen Thies <jthies@umuc.edu>

Melissa wrote:
> Poster: Melissa <hammon@digex.net>
> >Grumpy	Galmr, Anton, Cuan
> >Sleepy	Corby
> >Dopey	Baudoin
> >Sneezy	William
> >Happy	Amalric
> >Doc		Thorvaldr, Edwyn Beerslayer
> Bashful.. :)	T-bone, Gunther

While we're at it:
Dasher		Amalric
Dancer		Corby
Prancer		Kai
Vixen		Xenephon
Comet		Micheal
Cupid		Havorc	
Donner		Anton 	
Blitzen		Cuan
Rudolph		Dafydd

In a silly Friday mood.  I had a friend help who would like to remain
anoy mouse.



  "May you have the strength to enjoy your weaknesses."
		-Florence Edwards
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