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ancient Atlantian words

Poster: EoganOg@aol.com

I was watching (yes, I admit it) the Fox special, "Caught on Tape III" where
folk are busted on the job.  One lady was posing as a fortune teller, ripping
people off.  She told the undercover cop (for a large fee) what his secret
word was that would bring him happiness.  The word was something like
"Kajididggi" or some nonesence word.  The man asked what it meant and she told
him, "It's an ancient word."  He asked again what it meant and she replied,
"It's an ancient word, it's meaning is secret."  

At this point the commentator of the show said (I SWEAR this is true), "Yeah,
it's an ancient *Atlantian* word meaning 'ripoff'."

Cool!, I thought.  I had never heard of this ancient Atlantian word, even
having been born and raised in Atlantia.  Ya learn somethign new every day.  I
thought with the present discussion of SCA vocabulary, we should add this one
to the list.  I only regret I cannot remember the exact spelling.  ;-)

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