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Re: You say Toe-MAY-to, I say Toe-MAH-to, let's call the whole thing off!

Poster: MCAMEROUN@aol.com

Quoted from Miri - 

<< Sae weel wha ye say.  Mesel', I dinae use 'car' o' cause it minds me o' th'
 modern one- I say 'wain', but I wouldnae say ithers couldnae do so theirsels.
 I feel there are some words wha are proper, yet sound sae modern, tha we
 use 'em so as to nae think in the modern wa. >>

And what wud ye be sayin, instead o' 'car'?   Therrre might weil be another
ward wha is proper, an' not sae modern, but I dinna ken it.

Margaret Cameron
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