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Where does one find minority permission forms?

Poster: "Mohajerin, Leila" <mohaj001@onyx.dcri.duke.edu>

(This sounds like a lecture, but winds up with a question)
We have had some recent discussion of what forms people need to bring
with them to events.  In particular, the forms needed when bringing a
minor to an event.  As we all should know, anyone who does not have a
signed waiver card on file in Milpitas needs to sign a wavier of
liability.  This also means, I believe, that if you have a family
membership, and haven't signed a waiver for EACH of your family members,
they will need to fill this waiver out at events.  
If you are bringing a minor who is not your full time legal
responsibility (child or ward) you also need to have a form that says
the parents or guardians consent for their child to participate and
(specified person) is responsible for them in the absence of the parent.
These forms need to be filled out for EVERY event.  They are supposed to
be handed in at the Gate and kept on file with all the other paper work
of the event.  If a minor shows up at an event without this parental
consent form, they are not supposed to be allow in. Of course, if they
don't have a waiver on file in Milpitas, then they need to bring that
too, since their parents have to sign off on it. 
This has not been very regularly enforced.  I am sure it is not
intentional, bur rather due in part to ignorance about this rule, the
assumption of us who are older that everyone else has reached majority,
and the fact that teens can look older than they are.  As a result, many
people do not know about these forms.  It can cause difficult problems.
Frustration if they are sent away for something no one forewarned them
of, irritation of the parents if their child gets sent home in the
middle of the night.  And a danger to the Society, because it is not
being enforced.  
The problem I am having is finding these forms.  I have hard copies of
the waiver, and the waiver of liability can be taken off of several
things, but finding this consent to participate in the absence of the
parent is eluding me.  I am particularly interested in finding their
location on line, if it is there, so that I can point our young people
directly to the source.  
If anyone can help find the location of these forms, I would deeply
appreciate it.  I feel that this should be of interest to all, so post
to the list please.

Sveva la Lucciola
Seneschal of Kappellenberg
Barony of Windmasters' Hill
Kingdom of Atlantia

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