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Re: Where does one find minority permission forms?

Poster: "Rowanwald Central" <rownwald@gte.net>

Subject: Where does one find minority permission forms?
> If you are bringing a minor who is not your full time legal
> responsibility (child or ward) you also need to have a form that says
> the parents or guardians consent for their child to participate and
> (specified person) is responsible for them in the absence of the parent.
> These forms need to be filled out for EVERY event.  They are supposed to
> be handed in at the Gate and kept on file with all the other paper work
> of the event.  If a minor shows up at an event without this parental
> consent form, they are not supposed to be allow in. Of course, if they
> don't have a waiver on file in Milpitas, then they need to bring that
> too, since their parents have to sign off on it. 
> This has not been very regularly enforced.  

Actually, though I have been out of the loop a bit, having a parental
consent form (other than the waiver)  has been _required_ only on an
event-by-event basis - there is not, to my knowledge, a Red Tape or Copora
rule that addresses this. It has been a part of the Kingdom Chatelaine's
policy at times, but I don't know what happens to those policies when the
job is handed over to a new Chatelaine (hence I can't say if it's still a
policy). It is, however, only common sense to have something to show the
authorities, if need be, that you have permission to be in temporary
custody of a minor. Also, it may be required by different states as part of
their Child Welfare policies, which one of the travelers-from-out-of-area
may not be aware of. Again, a simple form is generally all that is needed.
Any parent who has signed a "field trip permission form" for a school
function or the more permanent Boy/Girl Scout form will be familiar with
the wording.
    And as a note - I would not surrender that form to ANYONE at any time -
keep it on your person, and have a copy of it with the minor at all times.
Certainly do not leave it at the Troll, which closes down and blows away at
some point during the event - and then what do you have for the emergency
during the trip home?

   Hope that helps,
    Rosine of Rowanwald
    Former Kingdom Chatelaine
    Former Deputy Kingdom Chatelaine for Children's Activities
    Pennsic Head Troll (now I can tell you what THEY want for forms!)
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