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Re: Where does one find minority permission forms?

Poster: "Beverly Robinson-Curry" <corvus2@worldnet.att.net>

Rosine wrote:

> custody of a minor. Also, it may be required by different states as part
> their Child Welfare policies, which one of the travelers-from-out-of-area
> may not be aware of. Again, a simple form is generally all that is
> Any parent who has signed a "field trip permission form" for a school
> function or the more permanent Boy/Girl Scout form will be familiar with
> the wording.

Basically, what this lady seems to be wanting is a medical permission
form/custodial power of attorney.  As is implied in Rosine's reply, this
format varies from state to state.  BUT!  I have a suggestion.  Several
years ago, our local hospital had these forms available for parents to pick
up (and probably still does).  Check with hospitals in your area to see if
they have such a form, which would fulfill any requirements necessary for
the medical treatment of minors in your custody and should transfer well
from state to state.

Rhiannon, Triton
(who does that legal stuff in her other life)

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