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Re: Where does one find minority permission forms?

Poster: Josh <dungeon@norfolk.infi.net>

Heres a look at it from the minors POV. (It will suprise you:) I have been
met with indifference when I give the form over at quite a few events, which
I find scary. Example is at one event, before I became a member, I payed the
event cost and got sign in, and almost forgot to hand over the waiver.
Though I realized it after they had me signed in and pulled it out of my
pocket. But what is scary is if I wanted to I could have gotten in without
the proper paper work. So my biggest suggestion is for autocrats to remind
their trolls that anyone that doesn't flash a blue card needs to have a
waiver signed or sign one. (mattering on wether they are a minor or not)
Very valid concern. Though I am glad as of Janurary I never have to get that
paper signed again. Even though they are a necessary evil it gets annoying
after awhile. (expescially after the 30 photocopy and/or when you lose a
copy of said form eek!) 
Tristan ap Elwin

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