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Re: Where does one find minority permission forms?

Poster: Robert J Welenc <rjwelenc@erols.com>

At 04:34 PM 11/25/98 -0500, many waters cannot quench love wrote:

>> Do you have it in PDF as well?  Either way, I'd love to see it so
>> could review it and put it on the Acorn page.
>actually, upon checking the forms in my trunk against the forms on
>web, i turns out i only have the adult/child waivers which are
>posted. :(  
>maybe someone could check with the local school systems?  i would
>teachers have to have something of the sort to use as permission
slips for
>field trips...
All the many school permission forms I signed over the years
basically said:  I [print legal name of parent] give permission for
my child [insert name] to go on the field trip to [wherever] on
[date]. [signature]
Usually there was stuff about how the class was getting there and
affirmation that teachers and chaperones would be attending also.

When my children went to events or on trips outside of school with
others, I filled out a similar permission form and added "[name of
friend's parent] has my permission to authorize any necessary
emergency medical treatment for my child."  (It was necessary, too,
when my daughter broke her toe on a camping trip with a friend.)

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