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Re: Medieval diseases, or never touch plague rats

Poster: Jjane0117@aol.com

In a message dated 98-12-09 15:33:18 EST, you write:

<< One involves making sure it is
 shot in the head, reaching down the throat to pull out the insides,
 placing hot river stones inside, and throwing the whole marmot on the
 coals of a fire. After about two hours he gets really big and one
 removes the stones, which can be used to rub oneself with, then pours
 out the soup which has gathered inside the animal into two or three
 cups. Then you eat the rest of the animal. >>

Magnus, I do believe you've stumbled on to something!  Why use Jenny Craig
when you can have the Diseased Bubonic Marmot Diet?

Elspeth of Caer Mear
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