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Re: A Duke's remorse? (fwd)

Poster: Shalandara@aol.com

In a message dated 12/10/98 3:12:05 PM Eastern Standard Time, clevin@ripco.com

<< > A question please.  What could a Duke do that would earn him public
 > admonishment from the King yet he retains his title and lands--like a
 > stain on his good name.  Yes, this will evoke subsequent resentment from
 > the Duke to the King.  The year in question is 1280.  Thank you very
 > much in advance.
 Depends on where, of course. Dukes were rather a rare set of
 creatures in the 1200's. >>

Although I am not certain, I do not think that there were any non-Royal dukes
in England until the late 1400's or so.  I think the first duke was Richard,
Duke of Cornwall (brother to Henry III).  Of course, I am talking about
English titles.  Obviously there were the french titles that English lords
might hold, such as Duke of Normandy and Duke of Aquitaine, but again these
would have been held within the royal family.

But seeing as how "loyal" family members can be within a royal family I could
definately see having problems or remorse.  :)

Way too early in the morning for correct details......
Elizabeth of Hadley Hall
Ponte Alto
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