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The Harp and Caliper

Poster: Doug and Maria Munitz <ginevra@bellsouth.net>

Unto the good people of the Merry Rose, Greetings from the Shire of Border
Vale Keep.

     The Shire of Border Vale Keep has assembled a handbook of Arts and
Sciences subjects for the SCA newcomer or the seasoned member who wishes to
learn a new subject.  Several members of our Shire have helped to create
this booklet as a fundraiser  It is called the Harp and Caliper and
contains an overview of Atlantian A&S competitions and samples of the
paperwork for the 3 kinds of competitions-display, ambience and
authenticity.  Under the articles you will find:
Drop-Spindle Spinning by THLady Siobhan Eliot
Home Brewing (beer) by Sven and Ole
Gingerbread Castle Building by Lady Diana Francesca della Mirandola
A Simple Crocheted Snood by Lady Caitlin nic Fhioghuin
Harem Pants and Circle Skirt Patterns by Viscountess Mistress Elitha bint
Fahd ibn Actar
Getting Underneath What People Wore by Baroness Beatrice Brandon (chemise
patterns included)
Also:A Primer for Recorder that includes fingering charts for both soprano
and alto recorders, 14th Century Templers made Easy, Simple outline
embroidery. And there are  some recipes including my (not very well-kept)
secret recipe for Chantal or Cherry Rose cordial.
     The price is $7.50 plus postage and handling($1.50).  If interested
please contact me and we'll get it to you.  Also, if you come to BVK events
such as Mid-Winters Tale this weekend, they will be offered there as well.
They may also show up at an event near you.
     By the end of next year we will also have completed Vol.2.  Subjects
will most likely include medieval herbs, shoes, reading music, mead,
illumination, more recipes, pronouncing Italian for Heralds and Italian
Personas, a guide for baby feastocrats including a sample feast with
recipes, medieval gardens, plus others.

In service to the Shire, the Kingdom, and the Dream
Lady Ginevra  de'Rossi
Seneschal, Border Vale Keep

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