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RE: atlantia list concerns

Poster: Mike Dullaghan <michael.f.dullaghan@adn.alcatel.com>

On 15-Dec-98 Bob & Diana Cosby wrote:
>Poster: Bob & Diana Cosby <cosby@erols.com>
>To whom it may concern,
>    I received a private e-mail today asking why you (people of atlantia
>listserve) are writing my book for me.  Honestly, I was surprised by the
>comment, and it was the last impression I would ever want to give

I must admit that I considered posting a similar question. While some
of Diana's questions seemed reasonable to me (pointers to sources,
clarification of things that I wouldn't expect to find in most
sources), others struck me as the sort of research that a professional
author should be able to research on her own in any decent library (or
in the already recommended materials).

I decided not to speak up because:
   1) She was perfectly open about why she was asking, and if some
      members of the list had the time/interest to respond that was no
      business of mine;
   2) Anything that improves the accuracy of historical (or
      quasi-historical) material being published is a Good Thing; and
   3) I occasionally learned something.

>If the book is bought/published, my intent is to 'give' credit to
>several people on this link who have been very patient in answering my
>questions as I try and learn/understand this complex era.  I also plan
>on giving thanks to the people of atlantia for their assistance in the

I would certainly expect this sort of credit from any author for the
assistance given. Thank you for being kind enough to provide such
re-assurances in advance of the books purchase/publication.

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