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poopy dip.

Poster: harleypig@juno.com (The Housel house)

To the good people of atlantia,

>To whom it may concern,
>    I received a private e-mail today asking why you (people of atlantia
>listserve) are writing my book for me.  Honestly, I was surprised by the
>comment, and it was the last impression I would ever want to give
This is one of the things that should be left up to the "owner" of the
Although I don't find the "?" 's in question  of any good ( to my at this
I do think that if one has a problem.......

(Why are we writing your book for you?  Is everyone who contributed going
to be mentioned by name and/or receive a free copy of said book(s)?  
Thank you in advance for your answer. )
 the should take it up with the poster...than the list owner.....and than
move on.
 And if they choose to let it have "free rent" in their brain than so be
I have a little and slow computer and still enough room to get my
read them.....and get rid of the ones I dislike.

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