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Re: atlantia list concerns

Poster: "Jason & Shannon Smith" <srgiles@erols.com>

Mike Dullaghan writes:
>I must admit that I considered posting a similar question. While some
>of Diana's questions seemed reasonable to me (pointers to sources,
>clarification of things that I wouldn't expect to find in most
>sources), others struck me as the sort of research that a professional
>author should be able to research on her own in any decent library (or
>in the already recommended materials).
>I decided not to speak up because:
>   1) She was perfectly open about why she was asking, and if some
>      members of the list had the time/interest to respond that was no
>      business of mine;
>   2) Anything that improves the accuracy of historical (or
>      quasi-historical) material being published is a Good Thing; and
>   3) I occasionally learned something.

To which I say:  What better library for medieval information than those on
the shelves of Atlantia's homes?
I've noticed that many responses say "All of this comes from a nifty little
booklet on Elizabethan English I picked up in my travels" and the like.  I
don't know if it is common practice, but unless I really know a subject
well, I look it up before I respond to a question on this list.  This is
sometimes out of fear of being wrong and getting hit with a mug of ale, but
mostly out of not wanting to give false information.  I trust there are
those in Atlantia with large libraries and stores of factual knowledge that
would not steer us wrong nor be able to be found in the local library.

Sorcha de Glys

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