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Re: more questions

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In a message dated 12/16/98 3:01:20 PM Eastern Standard Time,
jsutter@scotland.ces.state.nc.us writes:

<<  3)  How many gaurds do you SUPPOSE a prisoner in the Tower of London would
 assigned to them if they were allowed to roam about?  Or, would they have
 given no gaurds and been trusted to stay within the Tower?  >>

Well, given that the Tower was a royal residence/miltary installation there
were always guards about.  Several gates to go through, each with their own
set of guards.  Not at all like it is today when visiting.  So, that is the
minimum level of security.  Some were locked up completely, and not always
allowed excersise (consisting of walks along the walls).  Some had more
freedom.  If a lady was imprisoned she might not be put in as bad a place as a
man, given her "delicate nature".  Both Ann Boleyn and Jane Grey were put in
the house that stands in the courtyard (called Queen's house now).  That house
belonged to the warden/governer of the Tower and housed his family.  But Anne
and Jane were given some deferential tratment because of their station.

Elizabeth of Hadley Hall
Ponte Alto
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