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Re: more questions

Poster: Karen@stierbach.atlantia.sca.org (Larsdatter, Karen )

Kari Kyst got inquisitive, too:

> Here are some other questions I have if anyone has answers :)
> 1)  Other than stocks, pillories,  hangings and decapitation, what other
> tortures were publically used
> during the reign of Henry VII through Eliz I?

Oh, gosh, where to begin?  ;)  Burning was also a real popular 
death sentence in England between the reign of Hank 8 and Liz 1 
... and tortures!  Let's see, there's the rack, for one ...

> 2)  How were women of all class levels treated during this period?  Virtual
> slaves, decoration or as an intellegent human?

Again, it kinda depends on who you're talking about.  Saying that 
"women were treated _thus_" during this period, without specifying 
anything about situation, class, time period, or occupation is as 
broad (and as wrong) as saying that "medieval food tasted like 
sawdust."  :)

> 3)  How many gaurds do you SUPPOSE a prisoner in the Tower of London would have
> assigned to them if they were allowed to roam about?  Or, would they have been
> given no gaurds and been trusted to stay within the Tower?

Oh yeah, that woulda worked ... "These are your apartments in the 
Tower.  Now ... STAY!"  ;)

Even Henry VI was pretty well guarded, I imagine ... dunno the 
'zact number of guards though ...

Karen Larsdatter

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