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more questions

Poster: Janine H Sutter <jsutter@scotland.ces.state.nc.us>

Here are some other questions I have if anyone has answers :)
1)  Other than stocks, pillories,  hangings and decapitation, what other
tortures were publically used
during the reign of Henry VII through Eliz I?

2)  How were women of all class levels treated during this period?  Virtual
slaves, decoration or as an intellegent human?

3)  How many gaurds do you SUPPOSE a prisoner in the Tower of London would have
assigned to them if they were allowed to roam about?  Or, would they have been
given no gaurds and been trusted to stay within the Tower?

Thanks!  Kari Kyst
Janine Honey Sutter
E-Mail  : jsutter@scotland
Internet: jsutter@scotland.ces.ncsu.edu
Phone   : 9102772422
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