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Tower of London

Poster: marybeth lavrakas <Marybeth_Lavrakas@med.unc.edu>

I forgot to mention a couple of other little items about the Tower (one
of my favorite places to visit, kinda like a historian's mini-disney
world!).  In period it was surrounded by a moat (now a nice grassy area
where the guard can walk their dogs...).  Also there was a gatehouse on
the City side of the moat (you can see the excavated foundations of it
when you exit the Tower Hill tube station), then a gatehouse at the
bridge over the moat, and so on.

I can only assume there were ravens at the Tower in our period, but I
assume they weren't like the ones there now, with the clipped wings and
comfy little houses.  But I did notice last time I was there that the
Keepr of the Ravens (or whoever is responsible) was a bit derelict in
picking up after the birds' meals...the ground near their perches were
strewn with bones!  Very atmospheric.
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