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Re: Library of Congress (was Re: On that Note!)

Poster: "Boroghul Khara" <boroghul@bellatlantic.net>

>Poster: Kevin of Thornbury <kevin@maxson.com>
>Orendil@aol.com wrote:
>> Poster: Orendil@aol.com
>> Don't forget that for research, the northern reaches of Atlantia is blessed
>> with one of the greatest of places -- the Library of Congress.
>Absolutely!  Even I have a Library of Congress reader card - they're
>free.  If you're going downtown, I like to park on 2nd Street and walk
>through the tunnel to the main reading room.  Don't get lost!

I usually save mself a little time before going down by going to their
telnet server  

for those who don't have it, telnet to locis.loc.gov    not too bad for
those who can't get to the LOC, and helpful in getting ISBN and LCC numbers
just incase a local university library has a copy on hand (or a book store
if you're really lucky)

Grey Randall
IT Department
Praxis, Inc.
"Milla nummi pro capite hominis nothum inconsiderati
qui ultimam poculum potus capit neque novam ollam fabricatur!"
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