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Re: Crucifiction? was( RE: torture in England (was questions)

Poster: "Michael Jeffrey Looney" <barderic@mailcity.com>

>I have a further question about this, unrelated to Middle ages, if you will be
willing to humor me.  Was crucifiction truly a common form of putting people
to death before the middle ages?  The reason I ask this is that I had once
heard the reference to the Romans of Jesus' time not using it as an average
form of punishment, but rather reserved  it for more serious crimes (including
in their eyes treason), sort of to make a public example out of the specific

Well, Jesus was 1 lash short of what was believed to kill even the strongest man in the Roman era.
There was also the bleeding of a person, a slow death, dragging them behind a chariot with their arms tied behind their back, a rope around their necks, as well as a "normal" hanging...
In a lot of cases, people jsut became slaves, by capture, or by selling, and were worked to death uner harsh conditions.
THere's a LOT of ways, but I can't remember most of them.

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