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Re: (no subject)

Poster: "Bonne of Traquair" <oftraquair@hotmail.com>

>Be not afraid to use you local libraries to their utmost limits.  Even 
if you
>can not get the item through them, use their resources to identify 
items that
>you do want.  Sometimes you can even locate which libraries that do 
have it.
>That way, if you plan a visit to the Library of Congress lets say, you 
>have done all your base research of indentifying which items you want 
>you get to LC, that way you can immediatley start requesting items and 
>spend half your day just trying to find a citation for one item.

My husband's experience at the Library of Congress a few years ago 
indicates that it is not a bad idea to search their files (can be done 
on-line) before hand and place the order for what you want so that it is 
ready and waiting for you when you get there.  The building they are in 
is large enough to make the idea of the librarian just dashing off to 
get something from the stacks laughable. It could take them an hour or 
two to make the round trip to pick up a few items.  Worse yet, not 
everything is in that building.  If what you want is stored off-site, 
you simply are not going to get it that day.  At least, not on a 
saturday afternoon.  Perhaps if you went in on a weekday morning they 
could manage it by the end of the day.


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