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Re: Shimmy: Bootlegging, SCA style (slightly off topic)

Poster: Xena Drum <xenadrum@yahoo.com>

Thanks for the tip to that thread; I'll try to check it out.

One note in addendum; I agree that to make one copy for your personal
use is not the type of bootlegging we are being told is occurring; yet
rather the second type you mention - that which is copying to avoid


---Bob & Joyce <bobgaz@earthlink.net> wrote:
> (Mailto:"Bob & Joyce <bobgaz@earthlink.net>")
> Greetings,
> > Second: The subject at hand is Bootlegging.
> snip
> >         Bootlegging means unlawful copies of the music and
> > instructional products artists have spent a good deal of time, and
> > their own money, to produce.
> >         I was naively unaware this could be a problem.
> >  Is the populace at large aware of bootlegging going on?
> This subject has been discussed at length on the med-dance list. For
> who are interested, the archives are at:
> http://www.dancers-archive.com/med-dance. Sorry, I don't know an easy 
> way to search the archives. I open a file, then use the Find command
> find pertinent words, such as "bootlegging". Best as I remember, the 
> bootlegging discussion was about a year ago.
> The general consensus seemed to be that if you make a copy of recorded
> music (to save your precious original from wear and tear) and 
> play the copy only in a private setting (your home or car), there is
> copyright violation. If you make copies to give away or sell, you are 
> cheating the artist of income from the sale of his/her recording; big 
> copyright violation.
> Standard disclaimer: the above does not constitute legal advice. 
> Joya, shipwrecked in Darach, Caid
> (http://tryllium.com/~wbm/shimmy  -- Shimmy list main page)

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