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Dance Practice (longish)

Poster: SCAVard@aol.com

This is a reminder...the first of our bi-weekly dance practices is slated to
begin this Sunday at 1pm in Chesapeake Beach, MD.  Below is a copy of the
quasi-formal announcement which ran on the Merry Rose a week or so ago, and
which has shown up in various newsletters across our fair Kingdom.  But before
I cut/paste the announcement, let me take a moment to field a couple of
questions I've been asked.

"Where is Chesapeake Beach?"  - Get a map of the Western Shore of Maryland and
find the border between Calvert and Anne Arundel Counties (Annapolis is in
Anne Arundel, Calvert is the next one south).  Chesapeake Beach is immediately
below that border, right on the Chesapeake Bay.

"What if it snows?" - In the event of inclement weather, please let common
sense be your best guide.  Don't drive if the roads are yucky, or if it's
snowing too hard, and by all means DON'T take any unnecessary risks getting
here.  We will be doing this every other Sunday and the world won't come to an
end if you miss one.  If you want to doublecheck to see if practices have been
cancelled, you can call me at my home (301-737-0437) or call the Northeast
Community Center (410-257-2554) before heading out.  I live an hour or so from
the NECC, so I probably won't be reachable after Noon or 11:30 on Sunday.

"What do I wear?" - While garb is not required, it's encouraged.  If you're a
lady, it's been recommended that you wear a long skirt.  Since the idea is to
learn dances that we would be doing in an SCA setting, it would be advisable
to be wearing something which approximates what you'll be wearing in that
setting.  Speaking for myself, I can NOT dance without at least slipping a
tunic over my head, but YMMV.  The important thing is to come out and have fun
and not fret about garb too much.  If you'd rather dance in sweats and a baggy
t-shirt, great!  We'll talk about this on Sunday and see what others think,
but for right now, there is no garb requirement.

"Okay, I'm at the site, which room are we in?" - We are in the Exercise Room.
The NECC will have a staff member on duty in the office who can open the room
for you if you're the first one there.  It's reserved in my name (Ken
Buzzard), and the class name they have on file should be "Renaissance Dance".
(Yes, I know, it's not an accurate description, but it's as close as I could
get on such a small form!)

"Should I bring something to eat/drink/share?" - Not a requirement, but it
won't be frowned upon either! <g>  I'm hoping to have something on hand to
drink for everyone since dancing can work up quite a sweat.  Although I
suspect there are vending machines on site, I do not know for certain.  To be
safe, you might want to bring a water bottle.

Enough of that, here's the announcement.  Hope to see everyone there!

The Barony of Dun Carraig is pleased to announce that we have secured a site
for regularly-scheduled dance practices!  Beginning on Sunday, January 3rd,
1999, and continuing on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month, we will be
meeting to kick-up our heels and learn the subtle art of dance at the
Northeast Community Center in Chesapeake Beach, MD.  Practices will run from
1-3pm, there is *no* site fee (!), and people *can* bring food and drink!
Directions are provided below.

Better still, because of this site's location, we are inviting our friends
from all over Northern Atlantia to come and play with us!  This is a great
chance to brush-up on your dance steps, as there are *several* dance related
events coming up in the next few months.  (Including Storvik's Yule Revel on
Jan 2, Kingdom Twelfth Night on Jan 9, Northern Regional Twelfth Night in Dun
Carraig on Jan 23, Lochmere's Mid-Winter Dance Revel on Feb 20, and many many

Everybody is encouraged to attend, socialize, and learn some dance steps.
Even if you're completely uninterested in dancing, come on out and spend a
pleasant afternoon listening to some cool tunes while visiting with your

If you have any questions, either contact Vard (Ken Buzzard, SCAVard@aol.com,
301-737-0437) or Jess Kravetz (SCAEtain@aol.com) and we'll do our best to
answer them.  The Northeast Community Center is adjacent to the Chesapeake
Beach Water Park on Gordon Stinnett Avenue in Chesapeake Beach, MD.  Phone

Directions from Prince Frederick: Take Route 2/4 north from Pr. Frederick and
turn right on Plum Point Rd. (Rt 263).  Go approx 5 (?) miles and bear left
onto Bayside Rd (Rt 261) and follow into Chesapeake Beach.  Go over the
bridge, and make the next left onto Gordon Stinnett Avenue.  Turn left
immediately past the water park into the parking lot.  The Center is the large
gray building with the blue roof and no sign.

Directions from the Washington Beltway: Take Rt 4, Pennsylvania Avenue (MD
Exit 11) east.  Go about 17 miles to the left exit at Route 260 (Chesapeake
Beach Rd).  Follow Rt 260 to the end, about 8 miles.   Follow directions

Directions from the Rt 301 Corridor: Follow Rt 301 to Upper Marlboro and the
junction with Rt 4.  Take Rt 4 east (away from Washington), and about 6 miles
to the left exit at Rt 260 (Chesapeake Beach Rd).  Follow Rt 260 to the end,
about 8 miles.  Follow directions below.

Directions from Northern Virginia:  If you're closer to the Wilson Bridge, DC,
or the Washington Beltway, follow the directions above (Washington Beltway).
If you're closer to Dale City, Dahlgren or Rt 301, follow the directions below
(Central Virginia).

Directions from Central Virginia:  Take your best route to Rt 301 and cross
the Potomac into Maryland on the Governor Nice Bridge ($1.50 toll southbound
only...northbound is free).  Follow the directions above (Rt 301 Corridor).

Directions from Baltimore: Take I-97 south from the Baltimore Beltway.  Take
the Rt 3 exit from 97.  Stay on Rt 3 as it becomes Rt 301 south, and follow
the directions above (Rt 301 Corridor).

Directions from Annapolis:  Take Rt 2 south about 20 miles to the intersection
with Rt 260 (Chesapeake Beach Road).  Take a left on Rt 260 and go about 5
miles to the end. Follow directions below.

Once in Chesapeake Beach on Rt 260:  Make a right on Rt 261 (Bayside Road) and
go about 1/4 mile to Gordon Stinnett Avenue.  Make a right on Gordon Stinnett
and then a left immediately past the water park into the parking lot.  The
Center is the large grey building with the blue roof and no sign.
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