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Re: RP'ing?

Poster: "Erica Stark" <ejstark@hotmail.com>

Brenda <adendra@Charleston.Net> wrote:
>RPG'ing paralleled the SCA for a while, and I think I got more into the 
>role-playing because of it. I even won a couple of awards in D&D 
>tournaments for it. But, somehow the SCA was better, because we were 
>recreating the REAL thing (TM)! After moving here to Atlantia, I didn't 
>have any RPG contacts, but I sure had SCA contacts. Needless to say, 
>rest is history!
>				Adendra

Weeeel, yes, it's more real than AD&D (or D&D, for that matter), but 
just how real it really is is a matter of argument.  

Let me tell you a little story- way back when, when I was still living 
in Georgia, in the Shire of Border Vale Keep, as a matter of fact, one 
of our members sashayed off to the Atlanta Fantasy Fair one fine 
weekend. That was Robert Grey, mka Bob Hainey.  

There was a fad at that time for self-published 8-page comics, and Bob 
was putting one out. He amused himself by dressing as one of his 
characters in the evening (hall costumes are an old tradition at 
S.F./Fantasy conventions).  While making the rounds of the parties, Bob 
encountered a sturdy looking individual rather into his cups. Said 
individual looked Bob up and down, and asked "and what the h*ll are you 
supposed to be?" Bob replied "I'm dressed as one of my characters- Duke 
X"   <oops- forgot name -Erica>  The fellow drew himself up to his full 
height, and said "Well, I'm in the SCA, and I'm a REAL duke."

The moral of this fractured fairy tale is- even Peers can fail to make 
their rolls sometimes, or- be careful not to bounce your realty check.


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