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Re: What is Unevent?

Poster: Dave Montuori <damont@wolfstar.com>

On Tue, 5 Jan 1999, LBednar wrote:
> Pardon good gentles, but I am a stranger recently come to these lands
> and know little to nothing of your customs.  I have been lurking
> un-noticed in the shadows and listening to become more familar before I
> venture forth among you.  But I have heard something--repeated several
> times--that has me curious enough to put forth this question:  Praytell,
> what is an "Unevent"?  What happens at such a thing?  Why would one wish
> to go?

Unevent is a date set aside for nothing but business meetings: each of the
kingdom orders (Sea Stag, Pearl, Golden Dolphin, Academie d'Espee), each
of the peerage orders, and each group of officers has the opportunity to
get together for a time, should they so desire.

It sounds sort of boring on the surface. But, in fact, with *nothing* but
meetings on the formal agenda, the unwritten agenda has pretty much one
thing on it: Schmooze. There is ample time for the average Unevent-goer to
hang out with fellow SCAdians, without the activities of a typical event
to "distract" one from conversations.

In the same way that having Unevent should keep us from cluttering up
other events with meetings, and in much the same way that a local group's
scheduling deliberate "social nights" keeps business meetings shorter,
the relatively undiluted opportunities to hang out at Unevent allow one
to focus more on activities at other events. So, even if I didn't have
much formal reason to attend Unevent, I'd likely go anyway (given a
reasonable travel distance/time).


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