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Re: *WH* Pennsic Seneschale's Court and Requirements This Year

Poster: Kierthos@aol.com

In a message dated 1/5/99 9:00:14 PM Eastern Standard Time,
carnifex@pacbell.net writes:

> Hey all!  Frankly I agree with the people of the east who are hot!  
>  What is up with this?  Have we truely become the Society for 
>  Compulsive Authority?  I have personally never heard of such bunk!  
>  Senechal's court?  What ever happened to the old system that the SCA 
>  had?  Has this Seneschal ever heard of a Court of Chivalry?  I thought 
>  that that was what they were for!
>  Well I have said enough I fear!

Okay, having 1) read the web page info in discussion, 2) having been
to a few SCA events, 3) been to more then a few game conventions,
and 4) been to a lot of LARPs, here's my take on this:

If they are not going to obey the rules of the game, the people running
the game have full rights to ask them to leave.

Frankly, after so many years, I am shocked that people would still show
up to Pennsic wearing elf ears, or vampire fangs. Mind you, my attempts
at garb have never been the best, but I wouldn't walk around wearing fangs,
or dark elf make-up, or in a Star Trek uniform at Pennsic and expect people
to treat me like I belonged there. Also, I have to agree with the author of
the statement, that unless you are arriving or leaving the site, you should
make every attempt to stay in period clothing, be it formal gown, tights
and tunic, or whatever.

Patrick Gearman
(No SCA name yet)
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