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Pennsic Issues

Poster: "Mohajerin, Leila" <mohaj001@onyx.dcri.duke.edu>

I have been sitting back all day watching the line of conversation swing
back and forth.  Most of you just don't seem to get it.  

First of all, the issues mentioned are not newly being prohibited or
limited or restrained.  They are following Corpora or Cooper's rules
that have been in existence for years.

Secondly, I see this as a way of clearly defining the method of handling
serious problems.  

In the past, say the encampment of the Aristocratic Angels (camp A) is
irritated by a fight taking place in the camp of the Blue Bottomed
Buffoons (camp B) at 4 am. Do they complain to the security on patrol?
Or handle it themselves?  If they do notify security, what does security
do?  Throw the fighters out?  Throw the cheering/booing crowd of
Buffoons out?  Report it in the morning?  Or nothing.  And, if the
security team waits to deal with it in the morning, are the Aristocratic
Angels lying in their bed grumbling about the fact that no one does
anything, so why bother to report it at all?  

However, now, with the clearly defined method of handling problem such
as this everyone knows what the process is.  "A" can make their
complaint and try to get some sleep, "B" can be warned that they are in
trouble and hopefully try to quiet everything down, and the security
people can carry out their jobs.  

Seems to make sense.

Sveva la Luccola
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