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Re: Pennsic Issues

Poster: "Greg Lindahl" <lindahl@pbm.com>

> In the past, say the encampment of the Aristocratic Angels (camp A) is
> irritated by a fight taking place in the camp of the Blue Bottomed
> Buffoons (camp B) at 4 am. Do they complain to the security on patrol?

In the past, the only fight I ever heard about:

1) Resulted in a complaint to `security'
2) `Security' did very little except call the police, which is
   exactly what they should do, under mundane law
3) The groups that both campers were from were ejected from the site.

It sounds like the same thing would happen today. The only new thing
would be dealing with less serious problems in a more uniform fashion,
instead of mostly ignoring them, or being inconsistent. For example,
some camps repeatedly violate the fire regulations, causing the potential
for a big mess.

-- gb
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