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Re: Pennsic Issues

Poster: nix@iolinc.net (Malone, N.)

For 6 years now I have heard the praises of Pennsic.  From my husband
and friends.  I personally have been active in the SCA for about 18
months.  Recently I decided to try Pennsic this year.  This was a big
decision for me as I have NEVER camped out, but it sounds like a good
time.  At least it did until recently.  I average an event every other
weekend and in all of those events I have never come across the horrors
that have been discussed here as going on at Pennsic.  Is it really that
bad?? or is it being blown out of proportion??  I have read the letter
that has been in discussion and must say that I find nothing in that
letter (other than the "court" part) that is not already a large part of
what goes on at events on a regular basis.  I personally can see a need
for some type of control when there are 10,000+ people gathered in a
small area.  These rules seem to be "common sense" or "understood"
decisions concerning conduct.  Is it just because it is in writing that
there is all this fuss or am I missing something really big here?  It
just seems that there is a lot being said about nothing (IMO, which is
just that, MY opinion).

Please forgive me if this offends anyone, that is not the purpose of

Rowanna of Rathmore
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