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Re: Pennsic Issues

Poster: AEdric the Grene <AEdric@mindspring.com>

>Poster: "Mohajerin, Leila" <mohaj001@onyx.dcri.duke.edu>
>First of all, the issues mentioned are not newly being prohibited or
>limited or restrained.  They are following Corpora or Cooper's rules
>that have been in existence for years.

Perhaps it is the fact that the letter was written so straightforwardly?  I
see a lot of the over-reactions (fears of clothing police with actual
eviction power, for heaven's sake!) as emotional responses to the strength
of the reminder.

>Secondly, I see this as a way of clearly defining the method of handling
>serious problems.  

And not so serious, but very annoying, problems as well.  Clothing being in
this latter category.  The one basic rule the SCA has for all events to set
them apart from conventions, parties, or just plain camping trips is that
an [honest] attempt be made at pre-17th Century dress.  I insert "honest",
because the whole clothing matter really comes down to a question of
intent.  Did Lady A intend to look OOP or fantastic?  Or, was she intending
to look pre-17th Century?  A sticky question to answer because, of course,
intent isn't always easily discernible.

On the other hand, nothing prevents one from asking the effect the wearer
intended and then getting into a friendly discussion of the hows and whys
and making suggestions on possible changes if the intent is not shown in
the effect.  No "policing" involved but a friendly exchange of information
and ideas.  Most people usually take this sort of conversation in the
spirit intended (which means they usually can tell the difference between
the pompous, self-righteous, and disdainful and the helpful, knowledgable,
and interested).  This sort of change in behaviour on a wide enough level
might solve many problems [even into more serious problems] without
over-reactions on the part of anyone.  It won't solve all, but it seems a
much more civilised way of learning and educating, which is half of the
SCA's raison d'etre.

AEdric the Grene
House Howling Mouse

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