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Re: cheap fabric -- off-topic

Poster: Beiskaldi@aol.com

In a message dated 99-01-06 18:15:39 EST, einar@cvn.net writes:

>  (donning cavalier hat and groaning a la Indiana Jones)  Walmart.  Why did
>  it have to be Walmart...  I ***hate*** Walmart.
>  Anybody got any other suggestions?  Seriously, I despise what Walmart does
>  to local small businesses and therefore I absolutely refuse to spend my
>  money in that den of iniquity.  Bear in mind that my geographic range is
>  MD, SoPA, NJ, DE and NoVA.  I'm not driving to the Carolinas for fabric,
>  folks.  
>  Elen Prydydd

Elen, here in Hagerstown JoAnn's does have somewhat reasonable prices, & lots
of sales all the time.  If you get their flyers there are coupons, etc.
Muslin goes on sale for $0.99 all the time (of course this is not *always*
good for making spiff stuff but works for chemises & undertunics)  If you look
around you can find some things, ie linen on sale for $5/yard, 60 inch wide,
which can go a long way (ok, im viking, i *like simple t-tunics), & I know
your sewing skills are better than mine at making good use of material.  The
reject bins sometimes actually hold some good stuff--dont pass them by--find
wools, linens, cottons there all the time.  For me it is more a matter of
finding the time to browse occasionally (I will admit that my job takes me on
the road often, so stopping by on my way into the McD's or Burger King next
door isnt too bad on lunch break).

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