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cheap fabric -- off-topic

Poster: carl christianson <einar@cvn.net>

Sorry to take up bandwidth on this, but my small-business-loving cage has
been rattled.  So far I've gotten a couple of responses about places to buy
really cheap fabric, both of which recommended Walmart.

(donning cavalier hat and groaning a la Indiana Jones)  Walmart.  Why did
it have to be Walmart...  I ***hate*** Walmart.

Anybody got any other suggestions?  Seriously, I despise what Walmart does
to local small businesses and therefore I absolutely refuse to spend my
money in that den of iniquity.  Bear in mind that my geographic range is
MD, SoPA, NJ, DE and NoVA.  I'm not driving to the Carolinas for fabric,

Elen Prydydd

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