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Re: Edmund Blair Leighton

Poster: Kendra Rosenberg <krosenberg@RSIS.COM>

	Poster: "Bonne of Traquair" <oftraquair@hotmail.com>

	>For those of you who have been following this and would like to
see the
	>picture being discussed  Check out the link below


	>>Great! For Christmas, my daughter received a mini-dress with a

	>>reproduction of a painting of a lady in a boat and I could not
	>>the name of "that guy who paints all the dreamy medieval
pictures".  Now 
	>>I don't have to keep wracking my brain for the name of the
	>>though if anyone knows the title of the painting on her dress,
it would 
	>>be nice to know.  Thank you.  


	In hopes that I am not posting an answer that has already been
offered: The painting I believe you are referring to is "The Lady of
Shalott" (1888) by John William Waterhouse.  Happily enough, this
painting appears at the same site as "The Accolade".  Go to the list of
artists and his name appears at the end. There are a few choices, but
the 1888 version is the one I think you are seeking.

	FYI: I have been able to find copies of both of those prints as
well as "La Belle Dame Sans Merci" "The Magic Circle" and "Miranda" at
Michael's Crafts...(print and poster frame combined run about 35$/25 on
sale)  Hope this helps.

	Ponte Alto/Atlantia

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