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Re: [C.SacredStone] Re: Shire meeting at 12th Night

Poster: "Erica Stark" <ejstark@hotmail.com>

LWright740@aol.com wrote:
> Over a year ago I was involved with a small group people in Robeson 
>Bladen CO. NC that were interested in joining the SCA.  All I had 
intended to
>do was teach them basic skills in garb and event camping.  Before long 
we had
>combined with some people in Scottland Co..and we were on the way to 
being a
>group.  I thought that being a canton would be better for a small
>inexperienced group like ours.  It made me feel more supported and like 
>would be more resources, but Windmaster's was having trouble with being 
>big and they wanted us to go Shire.  It is a lot of work to get 
>status and drive for members in an isolated rural area.  It is 
essential to
>depend on the support of the groups around you.  My feeling was that as 
a part
>of the Barony we could organize a better support network.
>  The time was not right...it may be someday.
>In the Southern Wilds of Attillium a Canton of Windmaster's Hill,
>Lora Leigh

Windmasters has also been a barony much longer Bright Hills has.  There 
are a number of people in Bright Hills (including at least two sets of 
'brass hats')who remember vividly what it is like to be 'blown off' and 
not supported by other groups, where Windmasters has had cantons for, 
well, longer than I can remember, and that's over sixteen years.


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