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SCA children

Poster: Flutesong & Kira <flutesong1@geocities.com>

Yes, children raised in the SCA can be quite remarkable.

When my son was three (he's four now), I noticed him standing by a path
at an event. As different people approached, he watched them carefully.
When the person approaching was an attractive woman, my son would strike
his cutest pose, smile charmingly, and try to get her attention. It
worked everytime - the lady in question would always bend down to tell
him how cute he was. Generally, this would cause the exposure of a
generous expanse of .....womanly charms.....which my son would then try
to "pat" if he could get away with it! I couldn't believe it when my
friend realized what he was doing and pointed it out to me! Needless to
say, I put an end to that little trick!

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