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Really Cheap Fabric....

Poster: "M.  Stewart" <ms154@cornell.edu>

Greetings All -

Jocetta wrote -    <snipped>

> if you are ever in CT check out Affordable Fabrics.
> but _everything_ in the store is $1.99/yard.  (Or was last time I was up
>(in CT no sales tax on cloth for clothing, but taxes on drape and curtain
>"No really, it's for a dress...yes, I  _do_  use all 10 yards to make my

This last line had me rolling.  It reminded me of the time that I was
buying fabric for an Italian 1580's dress.  Try explaining to a non-Scadian
why you need 1/2 a yard for the bodice and 9 for the skirt.

Thanks for the tip on CT fabric stores.  I haven't found anything up here
in NY yet. Sigh.  I know there have to be places in the city,  so I guess
that's a road trip.

My favorite places are down in Chapel Hill, NC.  "Mulberry Silks"  and "The
Cotton Boll"  Not really 1.99 a yard types of stores,  but I found that as
I became more conscious of historical accuracy they were great resources
for linnen gauze,  silks and pure wools.   Hit them off season,  or having
one of their "Dogs and Dinosaurs" sales,  and things suddenly enter the
realm of the reasonable.   It was more a slow fabric stalking process
rather than a blitzkreig.

Although Piece Goods,  before they died,  was a real odd place to shop.
That's where I got the Gold Brocade for Valdemar's spiff tunic.  The one
with the  red and gold hand worked trim.

BTW,  anyone have a picture of him wearing that??   I just realized I have
no pictures of that monster of a project.


Bridgette Kelly MacLean
The MacLean of Atlantia

(mka   Mari Stewart
	Ithaca, NY

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