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Silk (was: Re: Really Cheap Fabric....)

Poster: "Joyce A. Baldwin" <jocetta@ibm.net>

A good place to get silk is mail order from Thai Silks in Los Altos, CA
(Phone #  (800) 722-SILK ).   Brochure is free, they will send swatches on
request;  there's technically a charge for that but unless you're asking
for a whole bunch, they don't usually  bother.  Mulberry Silks actually
gets a good many of their silks from them, so you skip the markup.  They're
not actually cheap, but for silk, really quite reasonable.

Sveva mentioned another mail order silk place but I have blanked on the
name.  Sveva?  Are you there?


Bridgette wrote (snipped)
>My favorite places are down in Chapel Hill, NC.  "Mulberry Silks"  and "The
>Cotton Boll"  Not really 1.99 a yard types of stores,  but I found that as
>I became more conscious of historical accuracy they were great resources
>for linnen gauze,  silks and pure wools.   Hit them off season,  or having
>one of their "Dogs and Dinosaurs" sales,  and things suddenly enter the
>realm of the reasonable.   It was more a slow fabric stalking process
>rather than a blitzkreig.

Joyce A. Baldwin
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