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Re: Chairs

Poster: "Boroghul Khara" <boroghul@bellatlantic.net>

::Dons large sign that reads "I'm teasing!"::

Gorm uge-ber:
>Where can I find plans for this?  My woodworking skills are adequate...not stellar
>but functional (and I still use power tools, don't live close enough to a river to
>abandon those yet).  My Leatherworking skills are mildly better than my woodworking
>skills (and no, I don't use power tools for that, thanks for asking :) )

::innocent blink::  River...water wheel...I thought that was a power

"Milla nummi pro capite hominis nothum inconsiderati
qui ultimam poculum potus capit neque novam ollam fabricatur!"
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