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Re: Chairs

Poster: Alan MacNeill <gormofberra@mindspring.com>

I'm hijacking Tristan's thread here...cuz I wanna know too:

"M. Stewart" wrote:


> the Savauna Rollant (spelling is wrong,  I'm pretty sure)  -
>         This is the common X chair that folds up.  It has plenty of sources
> of documentation,  from Rome to France1800's,  pretty much a favorite
> pattern in and out of the SCA.  I have seen many variations on this chair,  all
> with their own peculiarities.   The legs and arms (the X itself) Can be either
> bent or straight.  Documentation I have  seen seems to be more heavily
> populated with the curved variety.   The seat is historically a slung seat of
> leather with a large pillow stuffed with horsehair.  Other combinations
> are also possible,  you just have to look a little harder for the
> documentation.

<rest snipped>

My wife and I have gotten tired of standing all through events (her knee surgery
might have something to do with it...), and we need chairs.

WE've had the good fortune of being able to sit in a set of chairs owned by Sir
Corby and MIstress Theora (I'm botching the spelling of her name, I know I am), and
they seem to be the right stuff for us.  They appear to be examples of this type of

Where can I find plans for this?  My woodworking skills are adequate...not stellar
but functional (and I still use power tools, don't live close enough to a river to
abandon those yet).  My Leatherworking skills are mildly better than my woodworking
skills (and no, I don't use power tools for that, thanks for asking :) )

Either a web page, decent E-Mail instructions, or reference to a book will do
nicely.  I'm not really totally concerned about periodicity.  This is a step up
from nothing or those steel and nylon camping chairs Wal-Mart sells (that do NOT
stand up to 300 lb people, don't believe the box).

Advice is greatly appreciated,

Gorm of Berra

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