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Re: Chairs

Poster: rmhowe <magnusm@ncsu.edu>

JBRMM266@aol.com wrote:
> Poster: JBRMM266@aol.com
> Has anyone any information on what is commonly known as the Glastonbury chair?
> I have seen inllustrations, but all attempts to reverse-engineer it from those
> has been  .... well, less than a success.
> ~Donal

There were plans for it in the recent book on Medieval Furniture
by Daniel Diehl that came out among other places.
Try Chivalry Sports.
Having looked at several articles on it some have the grain in the
seat running in different directions. I seem to remember Popular
Woodworking had an article on it by Diehl last year too.
The Glastonbury chair dates from the time of the dissolution of
the monasteries by Henry VIII as the name on it belonged to the
Exchequer of the Glastonbury Monastery at the time.

As to the other Chair - it is commonly known as the Savonarolla
Chair, named after the religious agitator of the same name. It
was popular in Italy and Spain in particular and is later Renaissance.
These would be the curved frame chairs.

In earlier times folding X frame chairs were known as Sella Curalis
and they date back to Roman Times, some survive. Many were metal. All
were a sign of authority, both secular and clerical. Many were carved
with heads and feet on the ends of the legs.

The two board Viking Chair I've read really is a boy scout invention.

Assuming I get some of the books back I've leant recently - I've
amassed a fair collection of illustrations, plans etc.

Magnus, in Raleigh
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