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Seeking Artus Falconieri

Poster: Michael Houghton <herveus@Radix.Net>


This came across SCAHRLDS. Can anyone help Teceangl?


Forwarded message:
> Greetings to the Atlantian heralds on this here list!
> I'm trying to track down a good gentle of your kingdom, one Artus Falconieri,
> from whom a submitter from An Tir might need to request a permission to
> conflict.  Can anyone help me?
> - Teceangl
>   tierna@agora.rdrop.com
> --
> Only by allowing your good deeds and words of honor to flow from your heart
> as freely as the river, will we erode the walls of prejudice between our
> different cultures.                                         Gekko

Herveus Morse
Michael and MJ Houghton   | Herveus d'Ormonde and Megan O'Donnelly
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