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RE: Online Royalty Site?

Poster: phillip jones <jonesj@InfoAve.Net>

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I took a gander at your message, Vard, and think you may have a good
idea hatching. I'm down with it.

Phillip Jones 
Triplette Competition Arms

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> Sent: Thursday, January 21, 1999 5:54 PM
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> Subject: Re: Online Royalty Site?
> Poster: SCAVard@aol.com
> In a message dated 1/21/99 4:56:36 PM Eastern Standard Time,
> corvus2@worldnet.att.net writes:
> > Well, there are a number of people who would need to be 
> consulted first and
> >  then would have to work on this.  The first ones are the 
> Crown, to see if
> >  they will accept recommendations from this medium and if so, 
> what info they
> >  wish included in the recommendations.  Then the kingdom web 
> minister to see
> >  if he can set up the requisite site and the Clerk of 
> Precedence to see if
> >  he can link his database (without it allowing some outside 
> party to alter
> >  the current info) and finally, I would suppose the chronicler, 
> although the
> >  calendar is already linked to the kingdom web page.  For that 
> matter, so is
> >  the OP, but I don't know if the search engine could be configured
> >  automatically spit out a listing through such a link.  (For much
> >  advanced technical minds than mine...)
> Sounds like a dandy topic of discussion for Unevent.  Since most
> Officers seem to have reason to want to slap me around, maybe I 
> can distract
> them with this 'gee whiz' bobble?
> GOOS #1 [GOOS = "Great Officer Of State"]:  (Spying Vard in the 
> distance) Hey,
> there's that Vard guy!  I wanted to dress him down for (fill in 
> the blank).
> GOOS #2:  Yeah, and I wanted to beat him up for (fill in the blank).
> GOOS #1:  (Yelling) Hey Vard!  Come over here!!!
> VARD:  Hiya!  Say, have I talked to you yet about the nifty thing 
> we might be
> able to do with the Kingdom website?  Here, let me show you what 
> they're doing
> in another Kingdom.  (whips out his folder)  See, they've 
> crosslinked this and
> that and the other, and it tracks these things here, and it spits 
> out email to
> all of the Crowns, and it affects your offices here...
> (GOOS #1 and #2 eyes begin to glaze over)
> VARD: (Continues) ....and though it'll take a lot of coordination 
> between just
> about everybody known to mankind, plus probably the Atlantian Order
> Principals, and oh yeah, every Baron and Baroness in the Kingdom, 
> but we have
> this hyper-linked form we can use to access that information, you
> GOOS #1 & #2 (in unison, monotone): Yes, we see.
> VARD: Awesome!  So do you like the concept?  Mind you, we're not 
> talking about
> *doing* anything here, just agreeing to talk about talking about it,
> conceptually that is?
> GOOS #1 & #2: Yes, that is a good thing.
> VARD: Great, so if I can just get you to sign here so everyone else
> believe me when I say that you're cool with the prototype idea.
> GOOS #1:  Yes, give me the pen.
> GOOS #2:  And me.
> VARD:  Of course, and remember, this doesn't obligate you to 
> anything, this
> just says that we've talked and you aren't completely opposed to 
> the idea yet,
> even though it's one of mine and you're probably going to find 
> some reason to
> want to put a stop to it later.
> GOOS #1:  Oh we understand.  Thank you Vard.
> GOOS #2:  Yes, thank you.  This seems like a good thing to do,
though we
> reserve judgement t odecide upon this until after we offically 
> decide to get
> involved.
> VARD:  Of course. Okay, we'll I'll let you get back to what you 
> were doing!
> Buh-bye!  (Strolls away)
> GOOS #1:  (Waving) See ya.
> GOOS #2:  Hey, wasn't there something else we wanted to talk to that
> about?
> GOOS #1:  Hmmm...I can't remember, but we'll probably see him 
> again.  He seems
> an awfully familiar guy, even though I don't think I've ever 
> actually met him
> before.
> GOOS #2: Yeah, I know that feeling too......odd, ain't it?  Ah 
> well, what were
> we talking about?
> GOOS #1:  I don't remember.
> GOOS #2:  Neither do I.  Boy, that *is* odd!
> Big grin,
> -Vard

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