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Re: Online Royalty Site?

Poster: SCAVard@aol.com

In a message dated 1/21/99 4:56:36 PM Eastern Standard Time,
corvus2@worldnet.att.net writes:

> Well, there are a number of people who would need to be consulted first and
>  then would have to work on this.  The first ones are the Crown, to see if
>  they will accept recommendations from this medium and if so, what info they
>  wish included in the recommendations.  Then the kingdom web minister to see
>  if he can set up the requisite site and the Clerk of Precedence to see if
>  he can link his database (without it allowing some outside party to alter
>  the current info) and finally, I would suppose the chronicler, although the
>  calendar is already linked to the kingdom web page.  For that matter, so is
>  the OP, but I don't know if the search engine could be configured to
>  automatically spit out a listing through such a link.  (For much more
>  advanced technical minds than mine...)

Sounds like a dandy topic of discussion for Unevent.  Since most Kingdom
Officers seem to have reason to want to slap me around, maybe I can distract
them with this 'gee whiz' bobble?

GOOS #1 [GOOS = "Great Officer Of State"]:  (Spying Vard in the distance) Hey,
there's that Vard guy!  I wanted to dress him down for (fill in the blank).

GOOS #2:  Yeah, and I wanted to beat him up for (fill in the blank).

GOOS #1:  (Yelling) Hey Vard!  Come over here!!!

VARD:  Hiya!  Say, have I talked to you yet about the nifty thing we might be
able to do with the Kingdom website?  Here, let me show you what they're doing
in another Kingdom.  (whips out his folder)  See, they've crosslinked this and
that and the other, and it tracks these things here, and it spits out email to
all of the Crowns, and it affects your offices here...

(GOOS #1 and #2 eyes begin to glaze over)

VARD: (Continues) ....and though it'll take a lot of coordination between just
about everybody known to mankind, plus probably the Atlantian Order
Principals, and oh yeah, every Baron and Baroness in the Kingdom, but we have
this hyper-linked form we can use to access that information, you see....

GOOS #1 & #2 (in unison, monotone): Yes, we see.

VARD: Awesome!  So do you like the concept?  Mind you, we're not talking about
*doing* anything here, just agreeing to talk about talking about it,
conceptually that is?

GOOS #1 & #2: Yes, that is a good thing.

VARD: Great, so if I can just get you to sign here so everyone else will
believe me when I say that you're cool with the prototype idea.

GOOS #1:  Yes, give me the pen.

GOOS #2:  And me.

VARD:  Of course, and remember, this doesn't obligate you to anything, this
just says that we've talked and you aren't completely opposed to the idea yet,
even though it's one of mine and you're probably going to find some reason to
want to put a stop to it later.

GOOS #1:  Oh we understand.  Thank you Vard.

GOOS #2:  Yes, thank you.  This seems like a good thing to do, though we
reserve judgement t odecide upon this until after we offically decide to get

VARD:  Of course. Okay, we'll I'll let you get back to what you were doing!
Buh-bye!  (Strolls away)

GOOS #1:  (Waving) See ya.

GOOS #2:  Hey, wasn't there something else we wanted to talk to that guy

GOOS #1:  Hmmm...I can't remember, but we'll probably see him again.  He seems
an awfully familiar guy, even though I don't think I've ever actually met him

GOOS #2: Yeah, I know that feeling too......odd, ain't it?  Ah well, what were
we talking about?

GOOS #1:  I don't remember.

GOOS #2:  Neither do I.  Boy, that *is* odd!

Big grin,
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