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Re: Online Royalty Site?

Poster: "Beverly Robinson-Curry" <corvus2@worldnet.att.net>

Vard said:

> The thing which caught my eye was the award recommendations page.  It's
> very nicely, has pull-down menus which you can use to identify yourself,
> you're recommending, what you're recommending them for and why, and a
> host of other niceties.  Apparently they've cross-linked to this site is
> the Midrealm OP, because once you've identified the Gentle you're
> recommending, their database spits out a listing of all previous Middle
> (and dates) that the Gentle has received.  
> It's also cross-linked to their Kingdom Calendar, because you're
> with a list of ALL upcoming events and get to pick and choose as many as
> wish.
> All in all, it's verrrry spiff.  Can we do something like that here?

Well, there are a number of people who would need to be consulted first and
then would have to work on this.  The first ones are the Crown, to see if
they will accept recommendations from this medium and if so, what info they
wish included in the recommendations.  Then the kingdom web minister to see
if he can set up the requisite site and the Clerk of Precedence to see if
he can link his database (without it allowing some outside party to alter
the current info) and finally, I would suppose the chronicler, although the
calendar is already linked to the kingdom web page.  For that matter, so is
the OP, but I don't know if the search engine could be configured to
automatically spit out a listing through such a link.  (For much more
advanced technical minds than mine...)

So, I would suggest starting there and seeing if there's enough interest
from those who would have to work with/on it...  From the Herald's Office
standpoint, I would have no objection if it would not be a problem for

Rhiannon, Triton
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