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RE: Tandy Leather stores

Poster: "Stapelton,  Gregory" <gregory.stapleton@funb.com>

Greetings, All,
> >
> > Tandy Leather in Charlotte may last as long as April / May / June.
> > Had this from the Charlotte manager who was working at the Raleigh
> > store Saturday since the manager there quit last September.
	Just spoke with Tandy in Charlotte this morning and was told that
they would be open until the end of June.

> There is also the Leather Factory here in Charlotte.  The Leather Factory
> has a much bigger selection than both Zack White's and Tandy with superior
> quality leather.  

	While the Leather Factory has a larger selection of things besides
leather (tools, buckles, gim cracks and gew gaws), Zack White's has be far
the largest selection of leather as far as thicknesses, methods of tanning
and finishing are concerned, as well as an excellent selection of furs and
skins which the Leather Factory dosen't carry (except for some snake skins).
>From what I've seen, and I frequent them both a lot, and unfortunately spend
great big flipping wadges of cash while there, the quality at either is
equal, with both of them having better leather than Tandy ever carried.

	So, imho, if you need tools, stamps, fittings, books, etc., check
out the Leather Factory, if you want / need a wide diversity of leather
and/or furs/skins, check out Zack White's.  If you just need your average 8
oz. hide, it's a toss up.  Go to whomever's closest.

	Gawain Kilgore
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