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Interesting Fact

Poster: Erick and Sue <bduck@fred.net>

Greetings All at the Merry Rose,

I belong to the Cool Word List from the Learning Kingdom (yes, as a matter
of fact, I am a nerd).   And thought I'd share with you, today's Cool Word.
So, if you are at all interested in etymology, read on.

In Service,


>   The Learning Kingdom's Cool Word of the Day for January 26, 1999
>                           realm [n.  RELM]
>A realm can be a kingdom, ruled by a monarch: "King James toured his
>entire realm."  A realm can also be an area of discourse, such as "the
>realm of calculus."
>This word is a hybrid, made of two words which merged in Old French.
>The original root was the Latin regimen (system of government).  That
>root also gave us many other governing and regulating words, including
>rector, regime, regiment, regular, regulate, rule, rank, and dozens
>In Old French, regimen was combined with reial (royal), giving realme
>(a government by hereditary monarchy).  Reial was itself derived from
>Latin rex (king), which emerged from the same Indo-European root as
>So realm is a result of recombining of two words that branched from
>the same root.
>See also the previous Cool Word, reign:

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