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Re: Introduction Protcol

Poster: Xena Drum <xenadrum@yahoo.com>

> >      do I give my chosen SCA name (even though it hasn't been
approved by 
> >      the Heralds yet)
> >      or my mundane name or both? 
> It's preferred at events that you give your medieval name, unless
you are 
> specifically asked your mundane name (i.e., you need to provide
legal >

Snippage for brevity>

An aside, if I might?
Be prepared for folk to call you only by your medeival name, likely
into modern settings as well. Many folk, like myself, have a capcity
to remember only one of your names. And, if your name is difficult to
pronouce you might want to help folk the first time you meet them, or
choose a name that you will not have to constantly explain or spell.

In service, 
Who is now Wynnie most everywhere, even at home.
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