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Re: A place to find out..

Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>

> I was recently browsing around the Sacred Stone web site, reading the
> various officers, and I came to a realization...I have absolutely no
> idea what most of those jobs are!
> Can anyone inform me? I'd really be appreciative!

Well, basically, here are the Reader's Digest versions of what the
offices are:

Seneschal:  Kinda like the 'group president.'  Is the legal
representative for the group.  The powers and duties of the seneschal
vary widely from groups to group; in some, the senschal is simply a
paper-pushing position, in other, they actively work and shape the
group's activities.

Chronicler:  The person in charge of the newsletter for the group (if
they have one).

Knight Marshal/Marshal:  The individual in charge of combat-related
activities within the group.  They help insure that no-one is injured
and that combat occures in a safe manner.

Herald:  The herald is responsible for helping folks with their
heraldry (duh :->), which includes names and actual coat of arms.  They
are also used to dealing with courts, making announcements, and
oftentimes protocal issues, too.

Arts and Science Officer: This person is responsible for promoting the
research/application/experimentation of period means of arts and
sciences.  if someone wants to know how to weave a basket or do a
mosaic, they're usually one of the best people to go to first.

Exchequer: The 'bookkeeper' or financial officer for the group.

Chatelian/Castelan:  one of the less well-defined but very important
jobs in the SCA.  The chatelaine is kind of like a combination PR
person and Welcome Wagon rolled into one.  They often deal with people
new to the SCA, and help them get acclimated to the oddball little
culture we have. ;-)

Those are the ones you'll find most often, I suspect.  Some other
groups have additional 'officers', such as Chiurgeon (first-aid),
Minister of the Lists (runs tournaments, handles fighter cards and
renewals), Webminister (runs the website) and others.


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