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Ymir Questions

Poster: "Mohajerin, Leila" <mohaj001@onyx.dcri.duke.edu>

As the day draws near, we are getting flooded with questions about kids
and pets and heaters.  Just for the record, and to save others having to
call and ask here is how it stands:

Children 13 and older are considered adults as far as pricing goes.
(They are encouraged to volunteer to serve feast instead, if they would
6-12 are 1/2 price for site and feast.
5 and under are free for site. There may be room to squeeze 2 children
at the ends your table if you know they really aren't going to eat a
meal. Servings at the tables are for 8 paying people. 
Only other word about children is that if they don't have a blue
membership card they need to have a signed waiver at the gate.

Unfortunately the camp does not allow us to bring ANY pets.  This
includes dogs, cats, ferrets, pigs, and birds.  The ONLY exception is
for handicap assistants..such as seeing-eye dogs and the like.  
Sorry, these are the sites' rules not mine.

Okay, I lied about the questions about heaters.  I just wanted to bring
them up.  Although though the cabins don't really have heating, they do
have electricity and hot showers!  You are welcome to bring ELECTRIC
space heaters.  No flame heaters are allowed in the cabins.  

Also, smoking is NOT allowed in the cabins.  (I will try to figure out
designated smoking areas.)

Now...back to the fun!

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