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Re: OED On-Line (was Re: Elf-arrows and Shakespeare)

Poster: "H L. Falls" <hlf@holmes.acc.virginia.edu>

   Okay, one is not supposed to follow up one's own post ("Bad viking,
no biscuit!" :) but I happened across a link-to-a-link... that I couldn't
find when I was looking for it...

   This is swiped from http://www.oed.com (specifically 

> OED Online
> While the Oxford English Dictionary revision program is
> going ahead, we are simultaneously planning to make
> Oxford English Dictionary, Second Edition the published
> Additions volumes, revised entries, and new
> unpublished entries available to readers online.
> We aim to publish the online Dictionary in October
> 1999, and to release new batches of revised entries
> every quarter, linking them to the original versions
> for comparison. This is an opportunity for an
> entirely new product, a natural milestone in the
> history of the Oxford English Dictionary, which will
> take it into the next century and ensure its future
> as an ever-growing and developing record of the
> language.

   So it's not there yet, and no details about cost, or how to subscribe
(assuming they'll work it that way), but there is hope!

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